Trains are only for boys?

Take your children to check out your local railroad –

This picture was taken in the summer of 2008, while we were back home for a visit.  My oldest daughter was only 2 years old then but she wanted to go see trains and, fortunately, White River Jct. was right down the road.


It would be wrong to assume that only boys are interested in trains.  Young people are interested in the “big world” whether they are boys or girls.  I took a proactive approach to getting my daughters interested in trains from a young age.  It’s good for me because I can satisfy my interests while still spending time with my family and it is good for my girls because they get knowledge, time outside, and the daddy-daughter time they are always in need of.  Railfanning and model trains are a win-win in our family and they can be in yours too.  If you have young children, boys or girls, take them to see your hometown railroad, you just might build some life-long memories and spark an interest in a common hobby.


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