Sunday Random Rail Shot

Every once in a while an opportunity presents its self to do something unique.  One day in August of 2004 I was driving to visit my brother in Payne Ohio and I saw what remained of a decent sized derailment on the Norfolk Southern mainline.  I had heard about the derailment on the news so I thought it couldn’t hurt to pull over and get a closer look.  I approached the nearest NS employee and asked if it would be okay to get some photos, he agreed but instructed me to avoid any “puddles of liquid”.  I accepted his instructions with a very open mind and set about exploring.




The FRA Accident/Incident Investigation Assignments for 2004 had this to say:

August 2, 2004- Norfolk Southern (NS), Payne, Ohio

A freight train, operating at 42 mph, derailed 29 cars. There was a short, precautionary evacuation ordered.


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