Vintage N Scale B&M Rolling Stock #6

Minitrix (Roco) Old Timer Hopper Car–


Minitrix marketed this car as part of its “Old Timer” series, it really doesn’t represent a car that was actually used by the B&M but apparently does resemble a Seley Composite hopper that had been rebuilt by the Delaware and Hudson.  B&M apparently didn’t own a hopper numbered 5061 and the Seley cars were originally built in the early 1900s and rebuilt by D&H in the 1920s-30s, this car is marked “Blt 6 62”.  One might wonder why a composite hopper would have been built in 1962 but I really have no idea, I guess it is possible that the same stamp was used on another more modern car that I haven’t managed to track down yet.

Condition on the example I obtained is excellent and it even came in the original plastic case.  I believe I paid around $12.00 delivered and these do not seem to be terribly rare.  Of course it has white lettering and blue dip paint; it is Minitrix after all.

I hear that the detailing of this car is pretty accurate compared with the prototype D&H cars, but I can’t speak to that with any certainty.  Having looked up some photos of the actual cars this does seem to be pretty close, especially for an early N scale car.  If you run vintage N scale it is worth picking one of these up, they aren’t very expensive, or hard to find, and they add a bit of interest to a consist of otherwise typical 40 foot box cars.

Historical Information:

For the time period represented, B&M doesn’t seem to have owned any cars like this one and certainly nothing built in 1962.   There may have been some composite cars owned in the early 1900s, and just not well publicized, but someone else would know better than me.


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