Cramming Action Into a Tight Space

A Quick Explanation of my Layout –


This is a shot I took early on during the construction of my modified loop based on Enfield, NH.  Nothing is specifically tied to the prototype but someone familiar with the path taken by the Northern Line through Enfield might recognize some features that are similar.  For instance, the body of water at the top and lower left is Mascoma Lake and the wider road running from the upper right to the lower right would be equivalent to Rte 4.  The scenery has changed quite a bit since this photo was taken and most turnouts have been equipped with Caboose Industries ground throws.

The layout is very small at around 26X41 inches.  Radii are typically 9 ¾ with some slightly tighter but still suited to 4-axle road power.  As can be seen there is a short passing siding in town that would allow passenger service to continue even when a local freight is on the siding.  My trains are generally pretty short and normally only have one to two more cars than needed for switching in town.  A turnout has been provided to give access to staging or the add-on modular-style layouts I have sitting around the house.  The long spur to the right serves Caspian Mills every session with inbound/outbound boxcars and occasionally coal for the power plant.  Caspian Mills is loosely based on the real life Baltic Mills but much, much smaller.  The spur to the left serves the B&M freight house and a small-time feed dealer.  The freight house gets routine traffic but the feed dealer only gets served once per week.  A small passenger station, which now resides toward the middle of the passing siding, is served at the beginning and end of each operating session.

Of course, as I have already written, I run occasional photo-freights, excursions, and there is every other operating session traffic from my free-lanced Lebanon & Northern, which hauls stone south to Boston (via Concord) and empties north to Lebanon and, via connections at White River Vermont, to quarries beyond.

I hope this adds to your understanding of my layout and day to day operations, perhaps it will even put a photo or story in context.


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