Vintage N Scale Rolling Stock

Atlas (Rivarossi) 40’ Single Sheathed Box Car: Part II –


I have already discussed the Atlas 1st Generation Chicago & Illinois Midland box car which I purchased due to growing curiosity about early N scale products for smaller and more obscure roads.  Here I present to you more fruit of that research, another Atlas 1st Generation 40ft Single Sheathed Box Car, this time for the Muncie & Western RR.  There isn’t much that makes these two cars distinct from each other, even the color scheme is the same, yet I think this car is worth a look because smaller roads didn’t get much face time in early N scale so any example is worth a little discussion.

Usable information about the Muncie & Western is somewhat hard to come by but what I was able to ascertain is that the M&W RR was incorporated in the early 1900s primarily to serve Ball Brothers (best known for their famous canning jars) and other manufacturers who had a presence in the Indiana city of Muncie.  Apparently they were recently still in business although I am personally not sure if that is still the case.  A quick search of the internet turned up a photo or two of actual Muncie & Western single sheathed box cars; however I really couldn’t locate any data on quantity owned or road numbers.  Something of a dead end but at least the car type is one used on the prototype road.

Model specifications are the same as for the C&IM car so I will save some time and not go into detail about it.  I think I paid around $9.00 shipped for this car, so I didn’t break the bank.  At any rate this is an Atlas/Rivarossi 40 foot wood box car, sometimes called single sheathed, sometimes called outside braced.

Historical Information:

As I said, I did find evidence that the Munie & Western RR owned similar cars, but I couldn’t locate any data.  As with the C&IM car this Atlas model might be based on a Mather car.   If this were based on a Mather car then it would have had to have been through some sort of rebuilding process due to the riveted, corrugated, metal roof that was not found on the original Mather cars.

(1) Abbreviated as “A1G”, Atlas’ 1st generation of N scale production basically lasted until the late 1960s and early 1970s.  There is an excellent A1G website/resource to be found at:


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2 responses to “Vintage N Scale Rolling Stock”

  1. Jonathan Caswell says :

    There was a Muncie & Western boxcar article….2010-? in RAILROAD MODEL CRAFTSMAN MAGAZINE…describing the company history. From my source, THE SHORT LINE, one of the other lines in the area has taken over what little switching is left….!

  2. bumthum says :

    Ah… I will have to look into that. We aren’t too far north of there, perhaps a railfan road trip with the kids. Thanks for the tip!

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