Random Rail Shot

Er… The Lost NS Heritage Unit –

Today I present to you Norfolk Southern B23-7 4017 lettered for, and originally owned by, Southern subsidiary Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway.  I am not overly familiar with this particular fallen-flag, but there is some amount of research material online if you are interested.  I photographed this locomotive in the very late 1990s-early 2000s in New Haven, Indiana.  A high nose GE was interesting enough but this locomotive was also very far away from original home rails.  At any rate, I felt it was interesting enough to share, if you have any interesting information about this locomotive or the CNO&TP please let me know with a comment.




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3 responses to “Random Rail Shot”

  1. bigboy4006 says :

    Looks like a high-hood! I do not think I’ve ever seen a B-23 in service, let alone a high-hood unit. They were used in mainline freight service back in the 70s by railroads like the Frisco, Missouri Pacific, and Union Pacific, but now they seem to be rare. Nice catch!

  2. bumthum says :

    Yeah, this photo was taken quite a while ago, variety is certainly missing from Class I’s these days. I get excited to see anything other than a black Dash 9 or SD70-M2

  3. bigboy4006 says :

    I live close to a former Frisco mainline, now belonging to the BNSF. On the daily local, I’ve seen some variety like a former Santa Fe GP-38 yellow bonnet and a GP-38 still in BN colors. I wish you luck in catching more beauties like this.

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