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Random Rail Shot

Davenport: One of the “Other” 44-Tonners –


Here we have the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society’s Davenport 44-Tonner.  This example served the U.S. Army at the Casad Depot outside of New Haven, Indiana.  When it became surplus to the Army’s needs they donated it to the Historical Society (preservation of vintage military hardware is always a good use of tax payer money).  I think the fact that several companies, other than GE, made 44 ton center cab locomotives is often lost on the general public.  This example is both handsome and utilitarian at the same time… I’m thinking it would be a good candidate for a Kato 11-105 chassis and a 3D printed shell.

If you’re in the Fort Wayne area stop in and check out the Davenport, and their growing collection of vintage railroad equipment.  They are open 10-4 Sat and Sun, admission is free.

Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society