Random Rail Shot

CCRRGP9In a rare “Double Whammy”, I present to you a random rail shot to follow up my vintage motive power post.  Above is Claremont Concord Railroad (CCRR) GP9 1907, and a handsome locomotive it is.  If I can be honest with you, I prefer their wicked old Alco S-units but with one down for the count, apparently, and the S-units being somewhat limited in the traction dept., I guess I can see why they sought out something with a little more get-up-and-go.  At any rate, I made a habit of visiting White River Jct. after my morning runs this past summer and I caught CCRR picking up this string of cars, I had to snap a couple shots on my cell phone (which I both rue and lament).  If you are near White River Jct. in the morning you should stop by and check it out.  If I recall correctly there are five railroads servicing White River these days, the mornings appear to be the busy times for all.


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3 responses to “Random Rail Shot”

  1. chrismears says :

    Terrific photo. I’m a fairly big fan of the West Lebanon operation and finally had a chance to get down to visit it in person last July. I was able to get some photos of the yard and they were unloading cement hoppers at the time – wonderful to witness something I knew so well from so far away.

    Their Alco switcher was still on the property but sadly out of service.

  2. Neal McBain says :

    White River Junction (WJR) has a population of around 5000 people and is served by 5 rail roads. A rail road for every 1000 people. And a great McDonalds to enhance your train viewing.

  3. bigboy4006 says :

    Awesome catch! I always like rare locomotives, especially when they roam the rails of shortlines. Keep it up!

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