Vintage N Scale B&M Rolling Stock #10

AHM (Roco) 40 Foot Open Hopper Car–

minitrix_openhopper-71714-webAHM imported this car from Roco pretty early on (late-1960s?). Again, like most early B&M N scale cars, this one is in Blue Dip with a pretty basic interlaced McGinnis era B&M logo and some limited data. While this car does not appear to represent a type used by B&M, Roco did manufacture a 40ft offset side hopper which was similar to the 70T quad cars used by the Boston and Maine… I haven’t been able to locate the later offset side hopper in B&M paint, but it may have existed, I will need to keep researching. Additionally, this particular model doesn’t seem to represent an actual prototype but it is fairly representative of a 40ft, 70T quad hopper which were used throughout North America.

My example is in pretty good shape with no obvious damage. I bought the first example I came across, and that was only very recently, but I don’t have any reason to believe that these are rare. All up price was $9.50 with free shipping, not too bad, but these vintage cars seem to be rising in price… maybe an indication of a growing market.

Since I am not sure what prototype this car is supposed to be a model of, I can’t really say how good the detailing is. Given the age of the car I am going to go ahead and say the detailing is heavy and a little less than accurate. Still, if you are in the market for a vintage open hopper, this might be a safe bet. Quality and paint are on par with any other car from the period and who doesn’t love an open hopper for operations?

Historical Information:

B&M did own a number of 70 ton open top quad hoppers but, as I said above, they all appear to have had offset sides and were numbered in the 8000 series.


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