Random Rail Shot

BNSF in my backyard –


To be honest, I am not a fan of living in a housing addition.  I enjoy having space and I value my privacy even more.  Still, an addition is where I find myself and our new-build home lies pretty close to a grade-crossing which sees a Norfolk Southern train about every hour during the week, that isn’t too shabby.  Today is Sunday and my young son and I are suffering from the ravages of the common cold, due to the mild weather I thought a walk and some fresh air might help us both feel better.  While out and about we heard the unmistakable horn of a diesel locomotive off in the distance, I pushed that stroller towards the tracks as fast as I could.  In the corner of a double-lot sized area, which will eventually be a community pool and park, we discovered a bit of a hill which overlooks the NS line that runs past our neighborhood.  We settled down and within a few minutes we were rewarded with a great view of a passing auto-rack train.  What made this train even more interesting was its BNSF motive power, which isn’t uncommon on NS lines around here but is still makes a very nice contrast to the all black NS engines which head up most of the consists in our area.

So to recap, we got fresh air, made a new memory together, and discovered a great spot to watch trains which is comfortably close to home.  All things considered… it was a pretty good day despite being a little under the weather.


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