Operations Department

Shaking Out The Cobwebs & Trying Out Some New Power –

BMSW1_1_webNo, I haven’t forgotten about my ongoing series regarding Enfield Local operating sessions on my layout.  I am working on the next installment for that, but I did want to show that there is some activity.  Over the summer I acquired some new motive power, to include the Arnold SW-1 featured here, and I thought I would take some time to break them in.

As an aside, these Arnold SW-1s are really sweet locomotives, they are pricey, but I highly recommend picking one up if you are in the market for a decent switcher that’s a little different.  I operated a short local and did some switching during the break-in period and experienced no issues at all.  In fact, despite DC only control, this little locomotive can crawl so slowly that it’s movement is barely perceptible.  Arnold really knocked it out of the ballpark with this release.

BMSW1_2_webFair warning: There will probably be some more maintenance posts (i.e. Vintage Rolling Stock, Motive Power, etc.) before I get back to “Enfield Local Part III“.  I hope you don’t mind but I have to manage what little time I have to balance posts with actual responsibilities.  Thank you for your patience.


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