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Random Rail Shot

Sunday Afternoon Trip to a Rail Yard –


While my older two children are slowly losing their interest in trains, my youngest (a boy) is just entering that stage of life.  We had some time together as a family this past Sunday and Norfolk Southern happens to have a yard the next town over (the former Nickel Plate Road – East Wayne yard).  A trip to the yard seemed like a good way to kill some time and, fortunately, there is a public road which largely runs parallel to, and partially cuts through, the NS facility.

Yes, we spent more time driving there than we did actually looking at trains.  Yes, there wasn’t much activity on a Sunday afternoon.  The important thing is that my two year old son had a heck of a time seeing all of those locomotives in one place.  If you have some time on your hands, and a little person in your life who loves trains, take some time to visit your local railroads.  The train bug might drift away as they get older, or one trip could spark a life long enjoyment of railroading.  There’s only one way to find out.