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Enfield Local Part III

Ahhhh, the long awaited Part III of my Enfield Local post.  I want to clarify ahead of time that I understand that I am mixing prototype operating schemes around.  Right now I run all of my trains on train orders, because it’s easier for me to keep track of operations on my small layout using one form.  While this post is titled “Enfield Local”, since I currently lack an attached yard, I am actually running this train as an extra (WJ-01), rather than an appropriate train from the timetable I presented in the last post on this subject.  Bear with me; this is all a work in progress.

So, for this operating session I used the train order shown below (they’re normally hand written, but my writing is often barely legible, so I typed this one for clarity).  Aside from the basic information, we see that train WJ-01 needs to pick up three cars and drop off five to various customers in Enfield.  I always list pick-ups, drop-offs, and assigned power for each train.  Typically, I try to use the P/U section as a guide for building the train for the return trip; however, as I said, I’m still dusting off cobwebs.


The session begins with train WJ-01 entering the layout south-bound by passing under the “Rt 4” bridge.  Whoever built this train in White River did a terrible job as the B&M coal hopper towards the middle is actually the first car needing to be dropped off.


WJ-01 then enters Enfield proper by passing through the cut which is just railroad north of the Main Street overpass, the rear of the train will be left in this cut while Caspian Mills is switched.


The front half of the train is dragged onto the passing siding across from the Enfield depot.  GP-7 1557 is run around to the rear of the shortened consist and B&M 7199 is plucked from the rear.  The locomotive and inbound coal load are now run around on the main and switched off to the Caspian Mills spur.  The outbound Rutland and Missouri Illinois empties are backed out of their spots on the siding and placed further south on the main.  B&M 7199 is then spotted on the coal dump for the mill power plant.  NOTE:  Yes, I realize I forgot to empty Rutland 10006 before pulling it from the coal dump.



With Rutland 10006 and MI 96599 parked safely to the south on the main, the locomotive is then run around the cars on the passing siding again and they are pulled north, over the Mascoma River.


This string of cars is then shoved south, through Enfield, onto the Caspian Mills spur so RUT 351 and VTR 341 can be spotted at the Caspian Mills loading dock.

That concludes switching for Caspian Mills and Part III of this series.  The next installment will feature switching for Wayne Feeds, the Enfield Freight House, and hopefully conclude my coverage of this specific subject.


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