Random Rail Shot

End of The Line –

The post marking the End of Track of what is left of the Northern heading railroad-south out of West Lebanon NH.  The End of Track marker is across the Glen Road stone overpass, just prior to the first bridge over the Mascoma River as you head south.  This section of track has only been used occasionally for car storage over the past few years, but it does represent the end of in-use track, at least for now.



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6 responses to “Random Rail Shot”

  1. Chris Mears says :

    Is this part of the former Claremont-Concord’s operation at West Lebanon? Where their Eagle Leaf transload would have been? All now part of Gennessee and Wyoming.


    • bumthum says :

      Yes, it’s the eastern extent of that trackage, beyond the cement block plant and the propane dealership. C&CRR only ever used this portion for hopper storage as far as I can remember.

      • Chris Mears says :


        With the change in ownership, what has changed at West Lebanon in the past year? If I may ask.


      • bumthum says :

        Chris, I’m not sure what, if anything has changed operationally. When I was back home, last summer, things looked pretty routine, apart from the motive power. I’ll admit that I strongly dislike G&W paint, so the predominance of NECR paint around White River Jct. was reassuring; from recent photos I’ve seen, it appears that NECR locomotives still dominate.

        That said, G&W operates significantly heavier locomotives than Claremont and Concord did. I doubt that has any bearing on operations apart from the Glen Road overpass, which is slowly collapsing. The track in that area was only used for car storage anyway. Anything railroad-south of Glen Road would have involved the aging bridges over the Mascoma River and I’m almost certain that none of those are currently in the condition for a GP38/GP40 locomotive to cross.

        Car traffic seems to still center around covered hoppers and tank cars in and around Westboro, traffic obviously fluctuates with the season, but seems consistent

        Neal McBain, would be more familiar with any significant changes in to Westboro in the past year though.

  2. neal mcbain says :

    When Joel returns to New Hampshire this summer it is my hope he can get some great pictures of the NECR operations in the old Westboro yard. There is also some chatter about moving the purpose built B&M ticket office to a new position in the Westboro yards and refurbishing

    • bumthum says :

      It would be nice to see progress made towards saving the remains of the original structures still on site. It would be expensive, but those are quite literally “shovel ready” jobs and a restoration could help bring in rail tourism.

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