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Enfield Local Part IV

Okay, so we’ve switched Caspian Mills, now we’re ready to drop B&M 76004 off at Wayne Feeds and spot MEC 1250 at the Freight House.  Once that’s done we can wrap up this series.

B&M 76004 was already in town, we had it on the front of the locomotive when we shoved our boxcars onto the Caspian Mills spur.  B&M 76004 is dragged onto the passing siding, the locomotive is run around it, and a B&O wagon top is pulled away from the freight house and onto the main.  With the wagon top on one end of our locomotive, we then couple onto our B&M boxcar, drag it south onto the main, and shove it onto the freight house spur in front of Wayne Feeds.



The locomotive and B&O 381822 were then pull back onto the main and head north to retrieve the remainder of the train, which had been left in the cut by the lake.  Once coupled on, the train is then pulled into town.


The caboose is left on the passing siding, the train is cut at MEC 1250, and the locomotive and two boxcars pull onto the main.  MEC 1250 is then shoved into placed in front of the freight house dock.


Having finished with our drop-offs, it’s time to assemble the outbound consist.  B&O 381822 is coupled back onto the front of the train, the locomotive is run around to the rear of the caboose, and what will become the front of the outbound train is then shoved south onto the main, where it is coupled onto the outbound cars from Caspian Mills (the ones we left there early in the last post).


With that done, the caboose is uncoupled from the train, dragged back onto the passing siding, and parked in front of the station.  The locomotive is uncoupled and run south on the main to retrieve the outbound consist.  The train is pulled back north, past the caboose, and is then backed onto the passing siding where the caboose is hooked up to the rear.  The whole train is then backed onto the main and then pulled in front of the station where paperwork is finalized before departure.


With everything complete, the train departs north back to White River Jct.



We leave our local, on the north shore of Mascoma Lake, heading back to White River Jct. via Mascoma/East Lebanon, Lebanon, and Westboro.  Now that I’m finally done with this series, I can move onto something else in good conscience.