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Random Rail Shot

Something About a High Nose II –

As a bit more filler, to make up for being too busy to write anything in-depth, I offer Norfolk Southern GP38-2 5217.  I photographed this locomotive at New Haven, Indiana, back in the late 1990’s (although the exact date is beyond my recollection).

Apparently, this locomotive is still active on the NS roster (as of late February 2017) and was converted to be controlled by remote.

I have a lot going on for the next few weeks, so I’m thinking this will be my last post until early April.  Stay tuned, I should have some more B&M N scale stuff coming, as well as other eastern road related content.

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Random Rail Shot(s)

Things have been busy on my end, but I am working on some new content.  In the meantime, here’s this…

Something About a High Nose –
Conway Scenic 216 is a 2500HP EMD GP35 which was obtained from Pan Am in 2010.  This unit apparently started life in 1965 with Norfolk and Western as 1328 and has dual controls, so it can be operated more easily in either direction.

I see 4-axle high hoods here in the Midwest on a regular (although decreasing) basis, Norfolk Southern uses a number of more modern high hoods in various roles; they break up the parade of typical 6-axle safety cabs, increasingly taking control of North American railroads.  Like Norfolk Southern (ex Southern) GP50 7010 below, which I photographed outside of Woodburn, Indiana in 2011.  This locomotive was rebuilt in 2015 into a GP33ECO (Norfolk Southern 4723).